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Notes for John Lee Robinson

The Robinson Family - Compiled from notes prepared by Wilber F. Robinson and typed by Marvyl. B. Robinson in 1922. Added information supplied in 1970 by Elsie McKee Wenzel and family, and by Marvyl Robinson Parsons. Material arranged and compiled by her daughter, Barbara Parsons Leach, 1973.

The Robinson Family - (Notes from Wilber F. Robinson) "John L Robinson came from Connecticut, possibly from Pennsylvania to Virginia. He was born about the year 1806 and died in 1871. He married Lydia Bishop, b. 1806 and died in 1866.. (John II, son of Thomas, son of John L. Robinson has the old Bible, but I have not been able to get the record so cannot give dates as to where they were married or by whom. Likewise who their parents were.)"



The following info provided by Sandra Quinn-

Census Schedule of 1840, Athens County Ohio Number 4 Free White persons including heads of families
John Robison

1850 Census Athens County, Ohio
John Robinson 56 Va
Lydia 59 Va
Mary 23 Va
Sidner 22 Va
Edith Rebecca 20 Va

Thomas William Robinson 25 Va ( John's son) living next door
Magdalena 24 Oh
George B. 4/12 mo. Oh

1860 Census of Athens County, Ohio
John L. Robinson 66 M White Farmer
Value of real estate 1000 Value of Personal Estate 500
Born in Virginia
Lydia (Bishop) Robinson 69 F White
Born inVirginia
Mary Robinson 34 F White
Born inVirginia

6th Floor General Stacks of OU Library F497 H7H6 AV.
William Robinson/Robison PA & VA Line S7391, soldier was born 8-2-1748 in Bucke Co PA and moved to London Co. VA then to Fayette Co PA then to Mason Co. Kentucky then to Clinton Co. OH. In Sept. ( I believe there must be a typographical error as to the birthdate of William Robinson in this Rev.War soldier Pension book because he would be to old to have had his children in the 1890's).
1833 John Robinson made affidavit 9-1833 in Clinton County, Ohio, said father moved in 1812 to OH and in 1821 the son was a married man. From Volume 3 of Rev. War Pension Files.

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Probated Will of John Lee Robinson Feb. 7, 1871 Recorded Volume 8, Page 203 Athens County

I, John L. Robinson of Albany, Athens County Ohio do make and publish this, my last will and testament.
1 st That all my just debts, funeral expenses, and expenses attending my
last sickness be paid.
2nd That the remainder of my property and moneys shall be equally divided between my three childrem as follows, to my son Thomas William Robinson, one equal third part, to my son Sydner Robinson one equal third part, and to my daughter Edith Rebeca Clowse one equal and third part.
3rd I do hereby nominate and appoint John T. Winn executor of this my last will and testament hereby authorizing and impowereing him to collect compromise and adjust and discharge in such manner as he may deem proper and equitable all the debts and claims due me.
I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made in testimony whereof l have hereunto set my hand and seal this 25, twenty fifth day of November in the year AD 1870.
Signed John L. Robinson

Signed and acknowledged by said John L. Robinson as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence.
Signed John T. Winn, John Earhart M.D.

Final account of John T. Winn of John L. Robinson deceased. 1871 Accountant charges himself as follows:
March 6 By Cash of H.G. Willjams Doctor 544.05
June 10 By Cash of D.D. Miller 356.00
Sept 4 By Cash of William Robinson 230.60
Sept. 20 By Cash of T.J. Robinson 101.00
March 20 By Cash of John Ellis Draft 55.54
March 20 By Cash of Elijah Robinson 18.37
Feb. 10 By Cash of T.W. Robinson Note and amount 65.70
Feb. 10 By cash of T.W. Robinson Balance on note 51.00
Feb. 10 By cash of T.W. Robinson 16.00
Feb. 10 By Cash Sydner Robinson 60.00

Total Receipts $1498.26

Accountant claims the ordinary legal compensation and asks that he may be allowed $16.00 for extra services performed for several trips he has been compelled to make in collection said estate and attending suits for that purpose. Signed John T. Winn

Executor of the Last Will and Testament, and accountant claims credit for the following payments made in behalf of said estate.

Probate Judge fees 9.26
Probate Judge fees 3.28

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fee 2.00
Dr. John EArhart 56.25
Dr. J. M. MClure 10.25
John Strake Coffin 14.25
Strake and Baums 2.00
John Vicky 1.00
Dec. Tax 1870 16.06
June Tax 1870 15.92
Tax of 1871 17.50
U.S. Tuch ??? 5.00
J.S. Harris and Sons ? 18.00
John Earhart Witness to app 2.00
Probate Judge Per final exp 6.53
Attorney for drawing final app 5.00
Administration fee on 1498.92 79.92
Allowed exp. for extra services 16.00
Total 280.22
Paid Tax of 1872 17.10
Total 297.10
Balance 1200.94
Total 1498.26

Lee Township, Athens County, Ohio May 13th, 1871.
I have this day bought of Harris and Son, 1 set of Marble Grave Stones, 2 inches thick, 3 feet 6 inches long, and 18 inches wide. Foot-stone one-third height and width of head-stone; head stone to be lettered as follows: John L. Robinson died January 27th, 1871, Aged 76 years 5 months & 2 days.
This stone to be the same shape of Lydia Robinson's. Post Card sent from Deavertown Post Office, Morgan County.
To be delivered at the Dean and yd and Set within in July for which I agree to pay $18.00.

Signed by Thomas

William Robinson



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