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Notes for Enos Barnes


Died at the age of 80.[Bagleydk.ged]

Enos and Charlotte went to Athens Co. OH in 1818 from VT; in OH Knox Co. by
1824; West Libert in 1838. HISTORY OF MUSCATINE CO. IA (AND WAPSINONOC TWP)[Thomas Pine Petznick.FTW]


Died at the age of 80.[janicebagley.ged]

CHARLES A. BARNES married FRANCIS STOOPS 24 Mar 1870 Muscatine IA

History of Muscatine Co., IA pg 225 states they had 10 children

Page 526: "In 1830 Simeon A. Bagley and Enos Barnes formed a partnership in the blacksmithing and wagonmaking business. Barnes purchased James Hare's lot. In 1831 they built a brick shop on the lot now occupied by J.R. Milligan's residence. This shop was about fifty feet long, twenty wide and one story high, with a brick partition through the centre, making two rooms, one for a wagon shop and the other for blacksmithing. Soon after they had everything in good working order, the shop with all its contents was destroyed by file. Bagley then sold is property and left (Brandon) the place."

Dear Kate,
Thank you for sending pictures of Enos and Charlotts tombstones, Don Barnes and Thomas Raymond Barnes. For some reason they look familiar to me! Also all the information on who's who. Many of these names I don't have.
I am so sorry to hear that you have Lupus-you are so young to go through this. I hope you have lots of support from family and friends.
There is so much to write about our family but I will. Do you have MS Word? In case you do, I'm attaching a bio I wrote on Simeon Bagley. I can't check if it's the final draft, as I uninstalled Word and several bio files are the same size and date. Let me know if it looks complete. I hope the photos are intact.
I think some of the sense of humor trait came from the Bagley side. My Dad, John was always telling jokes and found humor in practically everything and his brother Don and 2 sister Mary and Estelle were the same.
I didn't receive any text files you spoke of, just 4 pics. I haven't found parents for Martha Bates or Susannah Salisbury either but there are a few leads I haven't pursued. The descendants of Cornelius and Abner Salisbury, both in Smithfield history and also Martha Bate's brother, Samuel Bates, who mentions "Samuel Bates of Providence..that of the said Samuel Bates for and in consideration of love, good will and affection, which I have and do ? toward my loving Brother In Law, Joseph Bagley of Providence, Cordwainer, have given and granted and do freely and fully absolutely give grant and convey and confirm unto him, the said Joseph Bagley, his heirs and asigns forever, one tract or parcel of land containing 28 acres situated in Providence and nearly adjoining to the Cold Spring Swamp on the Southerly side, white oaks/to have and to hold the said granted permission w/all the appurtuances and proviledge to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said Joseph Bagley, his heirs and assigns forever. June 1, 1713. Samuel Bates".I also think she came from Weymouth.

Negative searches were: Checked Genealogy of the Descendants of EDWARD BATES of Weymouth, Mass by Samuel A. Bates Printed by Frank A. Bates, Scientific and Historical Books, South Braintree, Mass. available at NEHGS. but not enough information on her is available to make any connection. Jan TITLE: Samuel A. (Edward) Bates by Bates, 1900, NEHGS CALL_NUMBER: G/Bat TITLE: The Bates Bulletin 1907-32 Series NEHGS.

Notes on Sources used:
Eliz. Johnson of the Joseph Spaulding House in Pawtucket, which collects biographical data on early pioneets of the area, helped me tremendously, as she had delved into vital records, etc. One significant source is the 2 Vol. set "History of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Reminiscences and New Series of Reverend David Benedict, Origins of Pawtucket, compiled by Eliz. and James Lucas Wheaton IV. David Benedict, in 1804, was a Brown Univ. student from Providence and began to preach in the Baptist Meeting house in Pawtucket. Between then and 1874, he was also kwn as an historian who recorded first hand experiences and observations. First appearing in Pawtucket Gazette and Chronicle but never in book form. The 'new series' is on microfilm at Prov. Public Lib and RI Hist. Soc., and not easily accessable, hence the book. It differs in the film inasmuch as where obvious errors may have appeared, or additions later added, appear in brackets. Pawtucket is closely associated w/ Prov. & Smithfield. Being a minister, was familiar with Joseph Bagley's family as Joseph was the first Deacon of the First Congregational Church in Providence.(now kwn as Beneficent Cong. Ch.) In other words, Benedict was a close contempory of our family and its history in RI. You will see the notes from this source in the FGS's.
The second main source:
Weybosset Bridge by Arthur E Wilson. Eliz. sent me is the 1947 publication of this book. The history of Joseph Bagley is intertwined with the History of the church which "in 1720 became a united congregation that met informally, w/o a permanent pastor and met in houses until 1724, when their meeting house was completed. A turning point came in 1725, when Parson Samuel Moody of York, ME fame, came to support the hurch. On March 7 1725, he bap/ 3, one being Margaret Bagley. It is said York would not be York w/o samuel Moody. The congregation begged him to stay and be their leader but returned to ME in 1739. With his refusal, Josiah Cotton, bro. of Nath.; grandsons of Boston's first minister, John Cotton, the very one who ha failed to welcome Roger Williams as an assistant. "Not only had Josiah been ordained but the church had been formally constituted by nine males. They were: Cornelius Salisbury, Nath. Blague, Wm. Randall, Joseph BAGLEY, Tim. Carpenter, Jos. Barstow, John Church, Thos. Pollock, and John Taylor." (pg. 54)

I have used the same citing of vital records as Eliz. Johnson used in individual files (i.e. 7/254 meaning Bk 7 pg 254) although goodness knows I'm not as consistent as I wish I were. The last communication from ELiz. was that she found a notation that Joseph's brother, John was in King Phillip's War but I haven't found much on this war yet. Since there is nothing written on John and his family, this could be a significant lead.

My Bagley line goes:
Samuel, Joseph, Samuel, Samuel, Simeon, Henry, Charles AND his brother Alonzo, Frank, son of Alonzo, Elsie, dau of Charles, John, Janice. I was born in Los Angeles in 1942, I'm 58 yrs old. My Mom worked for Disney Studios and when she left we moved east to Glendora, CA where Dad's sister, Mabel had lived since 1933. Our Bagley's were also effected by the depression years. Grandpa and Grandma Bagley loaded everything up in their Model T and headed to L.A., where Mabel and her husband had previously gone. One sister stayed behind, Aunt Estelle, who had moved to the Chicago area, married and died there. My children are Stacey b 1966 in Arcadia, CA and Gary b 1974 in Anaheim, CA. In 1978 we moved to Northern Washington state and 10 yrs. later, Stacey was in a car accident which changed all of our lives. Her boyfriend died, and she was in a coma for 6 mts. We took her to Loma Linda Univ. Hosp. in CA for therapies and with a lot of hard work, is almost fully recovered. She wouldn't socialize, because of her speech and walking problems felt very depressed for a long time. In 1992 she "met", A. J. Rosner, from Speedway, IN online. They flew back and forth for a year then in 1993 married and she moved to Indy. Shortly after we came to visit and loved it so much, moved here. They have two children, Julianne and Anthony. Gary went back to Seattle and worked at Microsoft for several years before going to a company called where he's a programmer. On the 27th of this mth he's getting married so Bob and I will be there of course.

I'm sending 2 pictures separately. One is of my Bagley Grandparents with Dad and siblings, the other is them with the grandkids. I'm the little blond on the back of the couch. I would like to have some info on your grandparents, (ged or FGS's?) What genealogy program do you use? I use Family Origins. I will be editing the 1st Samuel down to Simeon, and send to you.

More Later,
P.S. Please pardon the typos.
fm headstone
Cemeteries in Muscatine County, A-E

Page: 26
Name: Enos Barnes
Death Date: 07 Nov 1877
Age: 81
Cemetery: Oak Ridge
Town: West Liberty, Wapsinonoc

IA Probate Film#986,733 Bk A-1-B-2 1839-1850. In the estate of G.W. Barnes, debts paid to: A.G. Smith; John P. Cook, Chester Coleman and S. T. Cheesebrough, for coffin.
Filed 11 10 1841. Book 1, p 169. 12,78N, 4W
Males to 10=1; 16-26=1; Fe to 10=1; 16-26=1


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