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Notes for Samuel Bagley II

Janice Bagley Bense has a birth year of ca 1761 and Poss RI. b rec Concord, NH
all census; town rec of Orange; left Orange 1806[janicebagley.ged]
New Hampshire Sources: NH Historical Soc., 30 Park St. Concord, NH; State Library, 20 Park St., Concord; Div. Vital Rec, Health/Welfare, Hazen St., Concord.
Settlements In Ohio to 1868 by C.M. Walker pg 519- "Mr. Bagley with several sons, came from Vermont and settled in 1820, on the west Fork of the creek, below what is now called Hartleyville". (Athens Co.)
A New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States (1854)
pg. 863
Orange, a township in Grafton Co., New Hampshire, 38 miles NW from Concord, intersected by the Northern railroad. Population, 451
May have died in Brandon, Knox Co., or Dover in Athens Co., OH. Brandon, on R 661 in Knox Co. was originally Four Corners, became Hildreth's Post Office in 1839, Welsh Settlers named Brandon. Source: Mt. Vernon OH News
Was Cuyaoga Co. but listed on as Athens pg. 120
Other Bagley's present in Athen's County. Relationships have not all been established.
Name, Source Marr Rec Volume I
Abraham P. Bagley 3/2/1841 marr to Mary Miller
Samuel Bagley 12/18/1863 marr to Louvica(Louise?) Mathews
Elijah Bagley 10/7/1833 marr to Martha Walker
Hannah Bagley 2/25/1834 marr to Chauncey G. Carpenter
Lydia Bagley 4/1/1841 marr to Daniel Coggeshall
Mary Bagley 3/31/1842 marr to Wm. Owens
Patty Bagley 4/1/1839 marr to Benjamin Earl
Andrew Bagley 10/13/1865 marr to Hannah Allen
Orange, Grafton Co., NH Pg. 702.
Samuel Bagley
Males--1 bet 0-9; 2 bet 10-15; 1 bet 16-25; 1 bet 26-44
Females--2 bet 0-9; 1 bet 16-25; 1 bet 26-44
Orange Town Records/Minutes Samuel is noted as being a Federalist p.87 Samuel asks for retroactive pay for 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795. He requests license to retail spirit liquors at or in his home on March 23/24 1797, as amply as any other tavener in any other town or place. 1805-Town meetings are still held at Samuel's house 1806 Meetings are now at Beckwith's house and Samuel is not in town records, having moved. This is the year daughter Nancy was born, but she was not born in Orange as not recorded in town/state records. She is born in VT. This film that was read covers April 1778 to about 1807.
pg 418 line 1. Only 28 families in Orange in 1800.
Bagley's in Rutland Co. VT in the year Samuel is supposedly there is Jonathan Bagley. (only one) Bagley's in Windsor Co., 1810, only one, John Bagley.
and recorded on pg 44 "Mr. Samuel Bagley appeared and took the oath by law appointed for Constable."
Took an oath for the faithful discharge of his duty Pg (46?)
or 23rd
Town Council of Smithfield, Book 1, 1770-1797
"Voted that Mr. Samuel Bagley have license to keep a public tavern in the house where he now lives until the 15th Day of Sept next, provided he comply with the rules of the law within twenty days"
Inhabitants of the town of Orange in said state are hereby notified and warned to meet at the dwelling of Mr. Samuel Bagley in said Orange on the last Monday in August instant at one of the clock in the afternoon then and there to elect by ballot three persons having the qualifications required by the Constitution of the United States to represent this state in Congress, agreeably to an act of the General Court, passed at Concord on the 17th day of June last. Dated at Orange, August 10th 1790 Signed Enoch Sweet, Sayer Bullock and Nathan Waldo, Selectmen.
(no pg numbers shown) "at the home of Mr. Samuel Bagley at one in the afternoon for the following purposes (Viz)
1. To choose a moderator to govern said meeting.
2. To give their votes for some personnel to fill up the vacancy for a Representative to Congress.
3. To bring their votes for six persons to fill up the vacancy of electors of a President and Vice-President of the United States.
4. To see if the town will vote the inoculation of the small pox to be set up in the town.
5. To appoint the place where...
6. To vote for the Doctor to Regulate the same if voted for.
Orange, Nov. 5 1792.
Signed by Selectmen,
Sayer Bullock
Enoch Sweet
Samuel Bagley"
"Voted to allow Mr. Bagley account for services done in said town and doing business as agent to the General Court for said town against Mr. Hoyt and for going to Lebanon to obtain a receipt of the referrer respecting the affairs between Col. Payne and Esq. Wall to the amount of four pounds.


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