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TYPE: Letter of A.B. Shaw written at Pasadena, CA 4/1/1937 to Mr. Cassius H. Bagley in Duluth, MN..Íne hundred years ago, this year, 1937, grandfather Simeon Arvin Bagley removed from North Liberty, Knox Co., OH, accompanied by his brother, William, to a point 15 miles east of Iowa City, Iowa (to be), which they named West Liberty. There they filed on government land and built cabins in the woods, to which they brought the family and some cousins, the next spring. Aunt Charlotte Barnes, and husband Enos. E., Aunt Nancy Morrow, and later came the Chesebro's".
From Kate English-
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Jan, thanks for answering so promptly!
What is your Bagley line?
I have been corresponding with a descendent of Enos's and Charlotte's son Franklin Barnes, and I will attach the scans he has sent me. (I'll attach them to several e-mails so I don't overload your computer while it's receiving the mail.) There are family group sheets and notes for Enos Barnes/Charlotte Bagley, and for their son Simeon Barnes/Agnes Lewis. These sheets were compiled by a Harold Barnes in 1976. I have no idea who he is/was. Also, I am attaching pictures of Enos's and Charlotte's tombstones (from Oakridge Cemetery in West Liberty, Muscatine County, Iowa).
Now, I don't know how far down generationally you have an interest, but let me know if you want further down and I will send you more info on my family's line. They are, of course, called "Barnes" and not "Bagley." I am descended through Simeon and Agnes, and their son Charles Barnes, who married Frances Stoops. I am attaching a photograph of Don Barnes (Charles's and Frances's son and the brother of my ancestor Thomas Raymond Barnes). Don became an attorney. I am also attaching a photograph of Charles and Frances Barnes seated, with Thomas Raymond Barnes and his wife Maude Lillie Hale Barnes standing, with their daughter Venita and their infant daughter Pauline. Their daughter Evelyn Barnes (not yet born at the time of the photo) is my grandmother (my mother's mother).
I have an old sheet from "The Barnes Reunion" (stated to be an association with the aim of cultivating family cohesion and for making a united effort for the collection and preservation of records and the history of the family) which states that Enos married Charlotte Bagley in December 1815, in Rutland County, Vermont. "In the year 1818, they moved from Vermont to Athens County, Ohio, making the journey with a yoke of oxen three years old. Then in 1838, Enos came to Muscatine County, Iowa. He bought land for $1.25 an acre. In 1839, he moved his family from Ohio. The north part of West Liberty, Iowa, is located on some of that land." [I do not know where this sheet originated. My Aunt passed it to me, and she does not recall its origins, other than it came from her mother, Evelyn Barnes. Evelyn is now aged and plagued with health problems. She has had several strokes and, unfortunately, although mostly lucid in the present, does not remember details of the family.] Enos's and Charlotte's son Charles was an inventor on the side, and you will note on the materials I'm sending there is marked the numbers of some of his patents. At some point his son, Thomas Raymond (called "Raymond," and "Papa" by all following generations), moved his family to Oklahoma, where he had a general merchandise store. During the dust bowl, when the farmers couldn't afford to pay for all the merchandise they'd taken on credit, the store had to close; whereupon, the family took off and moved to San Jose, California. My grandmother, Evelyn (a daughter of Raymond and Maude) married Kenneth Ridley, whose family had been here since the mid-1800's, and who was Howard Hughes's chief aeronautical engineer. They later divorced. One thing about the Barnes/Bagley grandchildren is that they were all very striking looking (of course, there was Stoops blood in there too). Thomas Raymond and his brothers looked very similar and all wore amused expressions in those old pictures where everyone else always looked very severe. (You can see from the picture of Don.) There are a number more photos that I am not sending at this time because I don't have scans of them, and my favorite is among them. We have a wonderful photograph of Charles and Frances and all their children. It is large and extremely clear and detailed. Tradition says that Raymond took his wife Maude away from a "house of ill repute," where her mother was a prostitute. He took her away and married her when she was just 13 or 14, and she had, had most of her children by the time she was 20.
You will see on the notes attached to the Simeon Barnes sheet that there is a descendent (James R. Barnes, son of Rollin Barnes, son of Albert E, son of Charles) that is living in the Sacramento, CA, area. He would likely be quite aged now, but, according to the phone book he is still here (I'm in the area). It is my plan to contact him, as well as two other Barnes cousins we know about that are here, when my mother comes out to visit next month. I will be very interested to hear if he knows anything about the family, and/or has any family documentation. (The other two are my mother's first cousin and her daughter and likely don't know much. Their mother was somewhat estranged from the family, so these two are strangers to us.) I will let you know the results of these visits.
I would be very interested in anything you are willing to share, even though I know after all your years of research you may not like to just "give it away." I am 34 years old, but am dying of Lupus, and I am trying very hard to get as much of this together as I can, as a sort of legacy to leave to my daughter. Of course, I am also very interested to know it.
I am also attaching the notes I was sent about Charlotte Bagley's ancestry. Do you mind quickly glancing over the names to see if they are correct? Would you tell me the parents' names of Martha Bates and Susannah Salisbury? Looking on the internet, I haven't been able to find them. I found a bunch of Weymouth Bates, but not her name among them, and I can't tell from this sheet if she is even from there. Since Joseph Bagley was born there, I am thinking that she may be.
Oh, and in re the probate records, Enos's father was John Barnes. John had a brother named Gilbert, and Enos had a son named Gilbert. Those are the only G's I see, other than Enos's grandmother Gift Watson Barnes.
No, I don't have the picture of Amy. Do you have it scanned? I don't really know about Amy's family, although I could provide you with her brother Franklin's and, of course, Charles's descendants.
Thanks again for your help, Jan.
Cemeteries in Muscatine County, A-E
Page: 25
Name: Charlotte Barnes
Death Date: 28 Dec 1880
Age: 84
Cemetery: Oak Ridge
Town: West Liberty, Wapsinonoc


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