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Notes for Joseph Bagley

Records for the Town of Smithfield prior to 1871 are filed in the Office of the City Clerk in the City of Central Falls, RI: Central Falls City Clerk, 580 Broad Street, CF, RI 02863 Providence Public Lib. photocopy service; Index to Providence Journal RI Historical Soc Lib. $7 charge for answering genealogical letters, includes 4 copies. Will send list of professional researchers. Holdings: Gravestone rec; War&Pension indexed; Complete RI newspapers. Providence Knight Memorial Lib. Holdings: Bible Histories with family notes; Indexed tombstone rec; indexed news. clips; Rev War notes.
Volume checked: Sources for Study of Rhode Island, by David Dumas, May 1979
Also records of following:
Mary Bagley, widow of Joseph of Providence d 1/6/1791 age 92
Current locations in Smithfield and important information for visiting there.
The Development of Main Street
There were three major trails from the village. On the west side of the river were two trails: one to Providence called Old Neck Road (now part of Main and Pine Streets); the other, part of Mendon Road (now Dexter Street) which led to a corner of Smithfield (now Lincoln). On the east side of the river, the trail led to Reverend Newman's settlement of Rehoboth (now Rumford) on what is now Walcott and South Bend Streets.
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Ch-Joseph Bagley, known as "The Deacon", was a first deacon of First Congregational Church, presently called-
Beneficent Congregational Church - U.C.C. Churches
300 Weybosset Street, Providence, RI 02903-3773
Phone: 401-331-7440
Open: Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Rev. David P. Proctor
Rev. Richard H. Taylor
Built in 1810, the plans for this church were actually drawn up in Ireland and brought over by Reverend James "Paddy" Wilson. This church is one of the earliest examples of classical architecture surviving in the U.S. today.
Westward of Pawtucket, and also in the northwestern and southeastern directions, at an early period, farms considerably extensive for this part of the country were established, and long occupied by the Scotts, the BAGLEYS, the Comstocks and the Estens. The Scotts were about the pond which still bears their name; and a branch of the family settled on what has long been known as the Adam Anthony farm, on the Old Turnpike to Providence.
THE BAGLEY farm of 300 acres, was below this on the road to Smithfield and Providence. The homestead portion of this farm is now owned by William Higginson of Pawtucket, and is occupied by William Binford. JOSEPH BAGLEY, the first of the name here, and the founder of the establishment, is said to have come from Maine, and built his house in the woods. He was a deacon of the old (Congregational) church at Providence, lately under the care of the late Dr. Hall. From him has descended a numerous race, of this, and other names, now extending to the 8th generation.
Written by Rev. David Benedict New Series 1866-1867
Swamp Meadows containing 2 acres adjoining the Moshassuck River nr Cranberry Pond bounded by Nicholas Power. Joseph sold it to Thomas Comstock.
On pg. 60 of index to David Benedict's Diaries- "Comstock farm (Daniel) Daniel's farm adjoins the Bagley farm of the south side; of large dimensions; two small but well cultivated farms on the Wanasquatucket River were created out of barren and neglected portions of this farm by Dr. Clapp of Pawtucket and L. B. Darling of the Mineral Spring place. These are on the Mineral Spring Turnpike about one mile from Pawtucket Bridge; north of the Esten farm.; see Jenks Patrimonial land possessions: NS4"
Samuel Bates of Providence..that of the said Samuel Bates for and in consideration of love, good will and affection, which I have and do ? toward my loving Brother In Law, Joseph Bagley of Providence, Cordwainer, have given and granted and do freely and fully absolutely give grant and convey and confirm unto him, the said Joseph Bagley, his heirs and asigns forever, one tract or parcel of land containing 28 acres situated in Providence and nearly adjoining to the Cold Spring Swamp on the Southerly side, white oaks/to have and to hold the said granted permission w/all the appurtuances and proviledge to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said Joseph Bagley, his heirs and assigns forever. June 1, 1713. Samuel Bates
BIOGRAPHY: History of Hollywood, CA R979.41 pa1 V2 pg 102 at LA Co. Library. Dr. Alonzo Frederic Shaw, D.O. who is the oldest practicing osteopath in Hollywood in length of service, and who has earned a high reputation in his chosen profession, came here in 1905. He was born in Tipton, IA, Feb 6, 1976, the son of Alonzo and Almira (Bagley) Shaw. He is of old American stock on both the paternal and maternal sides.
His mothers first American ancestor came to Providence, Rhode Island Colony about 1650
; a great grandfather was a major in the Revolutionary War, his grandfather was a farmer in New York State. His father was a surveyor and came to Iowa in 1843. Later in life he went into the mercantile business and became one of the most important citizens in Tipton. He served as Postmaster and during the Civil War was clerk of the County Court. He lived there for sixty years. Both parents came to Hollywood in 1907 and are now deceased.
researcher on this line, connection through William, son of Samuel- is-GIL BAGLEY POST OFFICE BOX 1601 PLAINVILLE MA 02762-0601 mvi18th []
Rev. Shubael Tripp, of Campton, and Samuel Fish, of Thornton, N. H.
certified to their belief in soldier Winthrop BAGLEY's statement.
Feb. 28, 1833, Winthrop Bagley, of Thornton, N. H., aged 70 years, testified
to service with soldier at Rhode Island in 1778. Winthrop Bagley.
Winthrop Bagley Private 1833 list of pensioners on census AGE 72 (born 1760)
(Grafton County,NH pensioners inscribed on the pension list under the
Act of Congress passed on June 7, 1832)
There is some suspicion that Joseph stayed in Maine a short while before settling in RI. He had close ties to the Reverend Samuel Moody from York, Maine who had baptised Joseph's daughter at Providence Congregational Church. Also in the diary of Reverand David Benedict, he had a note that Joseph was in Maine.


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